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    Sicko's Introduction
    Hello everyone! I'm Sicko, a very "new" helper on SweetMC. As a staff member, I feel I should put a little bit about myself to contribute to this introductions forum.

    Favorite color: Black (It is not a shade, it's a color. Only certain colors of black are shades)

    Favorite activity(s): Hiking, yoga, swimming, gardening, playing instruments, gaming, painting/drawing

    Favorite music genre(s): I like everything except for country but my favorites are hardcore, deathcore, post-hardcore, punk-pop, and whatever else u call the rest of my Spotify playlist I'm only familiar with what the names of hardcore genres are

    Favorite band(s)/people: To start Oceansatealaska and Dance Gavin Dance are both in the first place; in second place is Becoming the Archetype, Blessthefall, and A Day To Remember; in third place is Get Scared, The Devil Wears Prada, Memphis May Fire, and Slaves; in fourth place is Coheed and Cambria, eli., Melaine Martinez, The Eden Project, RØB, Northlane, Bullet For My Valentine, and Blackbear; Last but not least is Gnash, 4rif, Nezzy, and Lund.

    Favorite Song(s): 1. Becoming the Archetype- Nights Sorrow; This is one of my first place songs because my dad used to play this for me to go to sleep too (as well as a bunch of my other first place songs) and it just brings me back to simple times
    1. Becoming the Archetype- Evil Unseen/ Dichotomy; Two songs my dad used to put me to sleep too (can you see a pattern?). These songs have a deep meaning behind them (as most of this band's songs do) and for their great meaning, I love them.
    1. DGD- Thug City; Basically any DGD song during the Kurt Travis and Jonny Craig eras are my favorites (Tillian sucks) but this one, in particular, is special because of the message that most people won't get.

    1. DGD- Betrayed by the Game; This song is special to me as well not only because of how soulful and powerful Jonny's voice is in this song but also because this is a song with emotion and power written into it.

    1. DGD- Inspire the Liars; This song is very special to me because this is the first song I showed my ex that got him into DGD and what kept us as friends even after our breakup, music is truly a beautiful thing.

    2. Oceansatealaska- Hansha; I actually saw them play this (and many other songs) at their concert about 2 years ago. It was one of the most intense and cool concerts I ever saw, there were people making moshpits and dancing (some fights too) and what makes it even special is that it was the first concert I went to with my dad, the other times I had always gone with friends so to go with my dad and see him enjoying himself was amazing!

    2. Blessthefall- You Wear a Crown But You're No King/ Sakura Blues; Those songs share a place because they are my two favorite songs from my two favorite albums (Hard Feelings and Hollow Bodies).

    2. Russ- Ain't Nobody Taking My Baby; This song just reminds me of my babe lol

    2. Powfu- Would Look Perfect; This song is special to me because it's me and my bf's favorite song that reminds us of each other.

    3. Foo Fighters- Everlong (Acoustic); Another song my dad used to play for me to fall asleep too.

    3. guardian- what we got; This one is good because it's a comedic song making fun of the normal rap.

    3. Phantom Of the Opera- Think of me; This song is from one of my favorite musicals, its truly breathe taking.

    Once you know my music, you know who I am. The music I listen to and like is the way into my heart.

    Favorite Game(s): Roblox, Minecraft, Spore, Slime Rancher, and Cooking Simulator

    Favorite Influencer(s): Danny Gonzalez, Drew Gooden, Kurtis Conner, Roy Purdy, StellarJay

    Favorite People: My favorite person is my boyfriend, nobody comes in second place and if you don't have anything nice to say about him then don't say it

    Favorite Movie(s): Rags, John Wick, Rapunzel, Beauty And The Beast, and to shorten the list; any Disney movie ever.

    Things I can't categorize

    I'm a hopeless romantic type and you can tell by the type of music I listen too. Heres what a hopeless romantic is in case you don't know: A hopeless romantic is an expression describing a person who has romantic notions about life. For a hopeless romantic: life = love. Especially when that person is involved in a relationship - He/she thinks about love and romantic relationships in a different way than other people.

    Being a hopeless romantic is not very common so when I found the love of my life and learned he was a hopeless romantic too, I loved him even more.

    Speaking of which, I wanna talk about how we first met. We first met on discord ( I know its weird), we were both at our lowest and that night I had stopped hoping for anything to get better. Then, I found this server (his server) and I watched him talk for a bit and I then decided I wanted to get to know him because there was something special and I wanted to know what it was. So I asked him if I could message him (in my mind I thought he would say no) but he said yes and that excited me which I hated. We talked all night and I learned that he had lived near me. We went on our first date and ever since then we have had our ups and downs as any couple does but we had more up's than anything! We've been together for almost 2 years now and when I look back on how I used to be, I laugh. I've had many abusive relationships and traumatizing experiences but he makes me forget all about them and when I'm with him, nothing can stop me. He was the first person to show me happiness when I hadn't felt that since I was a little kid. I might let him read this and if I do then hi baby <3.

    I'm stubborn and mean, but he was the only person to stay and help me. He made me better and stronger so for that I thank him with all my heart and soul!

    We have 4 beautiful children (3 cats and 1 dog). I was a single mother until he came into my life and our children love their father very much! Unfortunately, two of our children have died recently (our snake Sammy and our other dog Oliver).

    I know most of this has been about him, but you can't have one without the other!

    My style of clothing is emo, just because I like the emo aesthetic does NOT mean I'm emo. They are two completely different things!

    Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction.
    I'm truly sorry for making to so long I just had a lot to say.

    felicia 4.gif "

    "So I'll slit my throat, so I'll bleed the truth
    Cut out my tongue so I speak no excuse

    There's enough trash in this blood to pollute you" ~Hate, Get Scared.