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    Server Rules

    Welcome to the Offical Forum Rules page for SweetMC. You will find all of our Forum rules down below. All users on the server must follow these rules no matter what rank they are (Staff may break these rules in certain cases). Failing to comply with these rules will result in a punishment. Please note that staff can punish you for a reason not listed here if the offense is great enough. If you have any questions please message one of our Staff Members.

    Note: You are responsible for what happens on your account.


    Spamming - Posting many threads with the same content within them.

    English Only - Users must speak English in the fourms. Singular words and phrases in other languages are acceptable in general chat as long as they are not excessive.

    Excessive Characters or Caps - Using an unnecessary number of characters (8+ characters).

    Excessive Swearing - Using many (3+) swear words in one message, or just generally cursing way too much.

    Hackusating - Accusing another user of hacking in a thread that is not a player report.

    Not Listening to Staff - Ignoring a staff member’s instructions. For important actions only.

    Spreading Misinformation - Intentionally spreading misinformation anywhere on the fourms.

    Controversial Topics - Fighting / Arguing about controversial topics in a public thread.

    Creating a Troll Suggestions/Report - Creating a suggestion/report for no reason just to waste time.

    Disrespectful Language - Swearing directly to other users.

    Staff Disrespect - Insulting a staff member or the entire staff team.

    Advertisement - Advertising another server in a thread.

    IRL Trading Advertisement - Advertising IRL trading.
    (We are not responsible for any IRL trading that happens on the server)

    Harassment - Continued unwanted and/or annoying actions.

    Inappropriate Link in Public Chat - Sending any type of inappropriate link in public chat.

    Hate Speech - Any type of Racism, Homophobia, Transphobia, etc.

    Sexual or Racial Harassment - Continued unwanted and/or annoying actions based on a user’s sex or race.

    DDoS Discussion, DOX, Swatting - Discussing DDoSing, DDoSing other people, Doxing other people, and Swatting other people is not allowed and is not welcome within this community.

    Encouraging Rule Breaking - Encouraging another player to break any of the server rules. Use the corresponding color of the rule that is being encouraged to be broken to choose the according punishment.
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