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    Server Rules

    Welcome to the Offical Rules page for SweetMC. You will find all of our In-Game rules down below. All players on the server must follow these rules no matter what rank they are (Staff may break these rules in certain cases). Failing to comply with these rules will result in a punishment. Please note that staff can punish you for a reason not listed here if the offense is great enough. If you have any questions please message one of our Staff Members.

    Note: You are responsible for what happens on your account.


    Chat Rules:

    Spamming - Spamming the chat with the same or very similar message, at least 3 times within 10 seconds.

    PM or TP Spam - Repeatedly spamming another player’s chat using /msg or /tp.

    English Only - Players must speak English in main/general chat. Speaking other languages in private messages and other chats is fine. Singular words and phrases in other languages are acceptable in general chat as long as they are not excessive.

    Excessive Characters or Caps - Using an unnecessary number of characters (8+ characters).

    Excessive Swearing - Using many (3+) swear words in one message, or just generally cursing way too much.

    Hackusating - Accusing another player of hacking in public chat. (If a player is hacking please report it to a staff member!)

    Not Listening to Staff - Ignoring a staff member’s instructions.

    Spreading Misinformation - Intentionally spreading misinformation anywhere on the server.

    Controversial Topics - Fighting / Arguing about controversial topics in general chat.

    Disrespectful Language - Swearing directly to other players.

    Staff Disrespect - Insulting a staff member or the entire staff team.

    Advertisement - Advertising another server in chat.

    IRL Trading Advertisement - Advertising IRL trading on any server platform.
    (We are not responsible for any IRL trading that happens)

    Harassment - Continued unwanted and/or annoying actions.

    Inappropriate Link in Public Chat - Sending any type of inappropriate link in public chat.

    Hate Speech - Any type of Racism, Homophobia, Transphobia, etc.

    Sexual or Racial Harassment - Continued unwanted and/or annoying actions based on a player’s sex or race.

    Suicide/Self Harm Encouragement - Encouraging a user to commit suicide.


    In-Game Rules:

    Glitching - Any type of minor glitching possible with the vanilla Minecraft client. (Abusing /jump to get into a blocked area, for example.)

    TP/Lava Trap Killing - Trapping a person where they cannot defend themselves and killing them.

    Scamming - Any type of scamming of another player on the server.

    Inappropriate Names - Any inappropriate names. This includes usernames, items, islands, animals, and warp names with excessive swears or any offensive content directed at someone.

    Inappropriate Skins/Builds - Any skins or builds that are inappropriate such as profanity and hate symbols.

    Bug Abuse - Abuse of server bugs for personal gain. (Abusing a duplication glitch to gain money.)

    Illegal Modification - Using illegal modifications on the server. (EX. Hacked Clients)

    Griefing / Trust Abuse - Breaking blocks/buildings that they are not allowed to break or abusing their trust on other people's island to steal or anything else.

    IRL Scamming - Any type of scamming that includes any real-life items/money.

    Lag Machines - Creating a machine to slow the down server.

    Botting - Multiple different accounts coming on the server at once with the intent to slow down/shut down the server.

    Ban Evasion - Bypassing a ban, such as logging on to another account and playing while banned.


    Other Rules:

    Encouraging Rule Breaking - Encouraging another player to break any of the server rules.

    DDoS Discussion, DOX, Swatting - Discussing DDoSing, DDoSing other people, Doxing other people, and Swatting other people is not allowed and is not welcome within this community.
    Not open for further replies.